The first ground-up, luxury boutique hotel constructed in the Hudson Valley in nearly a century.

Heartwood was born from the belief that New Yorkers are increasingly aware of the benefits of being in nature and interested in exploring the farms, hiking trails, restaurants, and hotels of the Hudson Valley.  While outdoors and design-orientated luxury accommodations are plentiful abroad (Soho Farmhouse) and on the West Coast (Post Ranch Inn, Calistoga Ranch), the offering is all but non-existent near NYC, one of the world’s most populous and affluent cities.   

In May 2016, after a multi-year search for an iconic property, we purchased 141 acres of fallow Hudson Valley farmland in an off-market transaction at an extraordinary entry point for development. After a two year entitlement process, we expect to begin construction in Spring 2019 for an opening in Summer 2020. 


Progress to Date




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